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GantaBI Integrator

Automation, Ingestion and 
Extraction of

structured and unstructured data.

What is GantaBI Integrator?

The module solves technical problems of ingestion through secure connections by connecting and extracting data from multiple sources and stores the result in the OneClick repository (Datalake). All this in less than 10 clicks and with more than 100 standardized connectors.

In addition, it allows storing the configuration required to connect to a given data source. It allows the creation and automation of Data Pipelines.

Integrator is composed of three components, each one of them oriented to solve a technical problem in the ingest and management tasks.

How can GantaBI Integrator help you?


Manual and automatic metadata and data extraction and loading.


Secure connection to different technologies and remote machines.


Creation of pipelines and monitoring of logical extraction flows.


Free on environment dependencies on dynamic IPs.


Easy-to-use API


Secure encrypted data transfer.


Democratization of the integration of sources and analytical pipelines.


ELT (Raw Data) data ingest architecture.


Standardization and homogenization of structured and unstructured data ingestion.


More than 100 standardized connectors available zero-configuration for use in minutes, as well as connection with the main databases, files, APIs and streaming data on the market.


Batch, near real-time and real-time (streaming) automation and data processing.

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