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Home Oneclick 360 degrees platform The management of your data at the reach of a click. GantaBI OneClick 360 degrees platform The management of your data at the reach of a click. GantaBI OneClick 360 degrees platform The management of your data at the reach of a click. GantaBI OneClick

Do you want to be a data-driven company?

Discover how the GantaBI OneClick platform can help companies manage the lifecycle of their data, transforming it into an indispensable and valuable asset for their business. The union of all modules makes GantaBI OneClick an excellent enterprise Big Data tool.

Solutions for every stage of the data lifecycle

A comprehensive solution platform for business and technical users.

We save you 80% of the Big Data work by converting your data into valuable information. We have the technology to access any data source.

It includes more than 100 connectors of the main software ready to use (Plug & Play), as well as access to files, databases, APIs, etc. And more than 300 functionalities included.


All your needs at the reach of a click.



GantaBI OneClick Modules

Choose the solution that best fits your needs

Automation, Ingest and Data Extraction.

Transformation, Cleaning, Processing and Mining.

Ontologies and Information Retrieval.

Extraction and Integration.

For all types of users

OneClick users do not need expert technological knowledge.

The platform's solutions are accessible to both business and technical users.

Business users

End data dispersion and information silos.

Integrate new systems quickly without creating new disconnected silos.

Access the information you need without depending on the IT department.

Reduce time spent on data preparation, transformation and cleansing.

Automatically create data flows to visualize them in an agile way.

Increase data analysis time and avoid basing your decisions on erroneous data.

Improve your team's productivity through collaborative workspaces.

Easy and intuitive web interface.

Usuarios de negocio

Acaba con la dispersión de datos y los silos de información.

Accede a la información que necesitas sin depender del departamento de IT.

Incrementa el tiempo de análisis de datos, disminuye el tiempo de limpieza.

Crea flujos de datos automáticamente para visualización diaria.

Evita basar tus decisiones en datos erróneos, gracias a nuestras a taxonomías.

Procesamiento NLP: Clasificación de metadatos (creación de arquitecturas jerárquicas de super clases y clases), diccionarios de palabras para cada vertical de negocio, modelos semánticos.

Technical users

Integrate new systems and data sources in real time in less than 30 minutes.

Create your own connectors in a simple and intuitive way.

Unified repository for the team and avoid generating new unconnected silos.

Secure connection with legacy systems, easily manage security and team workspaces.

Develop, train and deploy AI models easily and quickly.

Data Glossary, Data Dictionary and Data Catalog.

Automatically generate your company's data map through ontologies.

Data management, taxonomies and manual and automatic labeling tools with NLP processing techniques.

Usuarios técnicos

Integra nuevos sistema rápidamente sin generar nuevos silos inconexos.

Creación de ontologías de datos para tener una visión 360 de tu empresa.

Conexión segura con sistemas legacy.

Herramientas que automatizan el etiquetaje basado en ontologías.

Reutiliza datos en proyectos nuevos y comparte tus datos con usuarios nuevos.

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